The Next Generation in Loan Origination systems.

Drivethru Systems Pty Limited ABN 65 115 860 832

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Launched in 2007, Drivethru Systems Pty Limited (DTS) is a leading provider of innovative origination and underwriting solutions for the financial services industry. DTS has developed a proprietary system called "Drivethru".

Drivethru is a technologically advanced, web-enabled, finance & insurance origination and underwriting system that specialises in the capture, submission, management and decisioning of loan applications.

Drivethru streamlines the origination and underwriting processes and is designed to mitigate credit underwriting risk through a comprehensive set of business rules that leverage off data-rich internal and external sources.

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Drivethru enables efficient workflow practices, improved customer interaction, compliant processes and is designed to ensure credit activities are conducted efficiently, honestly and fairly.

The system architecture is both scalable and robust and provides a white-label solution for licensees.

There are currently in excess of 500+ active Drivethru users processing over 40,000 applications pa.

Drivethru also enables finance brokers, dealers and authorised representatives to submit loans to AFICO’s product business − Automotive Financial Services Pty Limited ABN 73 003 622 375 Australian Credit Licence 383762 (“AFS”) -a Registered Financial Corporation.

The Drivethru platform enables efficient workflow practices, improved customer interaction, compliant processes and risk mitigation. Drivethru is also supported by back office systems and corporate governance compliance systems.

Proprietary technologically advanced, web enabled platform and interface - "Drivethru"

  • Finance Origination and Underwriting System
  • Highly secure architecture, compliant processes & responsive design
  • Dynamic data entry process for all product types with API interfaces into third party providers (ABR Search, bankstatements, Equifax, Glass’ Guide & PPSR)
  • White label capable for aggregators, credit providers and originators
  • Secure lead & loan referral interface into Drivethru via Apply.Net.Au web service
  • All standard processes and forms provided with necessary NCCP & FSRA disclosures, including responsible lending obligations
  • Central hub to third party product suppliers with sophisticated business rules to ensure compliance with product parameters and relevant laws
  • Web-based Resource Portal for convenient access to credit policies, pricing and forms for all panel lenders and insurers.


The new generation in Loan Origination systems

In 2018, Drivethru Systems launched DTS-X, a fully responsive, mobile device friendly version of Drivethru to enable finance brokers and introducers to process loan applications faster than ever - ensuring fast turnaround times & the ability to exceed customer expectations.

In November 2018, Drivethru also launched new pricing functionality to enable credit providers to comply with ASIC's Flexible Credit Cost Arrangement Instrument. The release included the ability to provide a pricing calculator so that brokers and introducers are able to get an accruate estimate of a customers risk grade, annual percentage rate and commission payable.



Simple & Fast

The DTS-X responsive design is fast & easy to use, whether your working from your office or on the go. Deal and client information can be readily retrieved, with loan applications completed within minutes from start to finish. New controls ensure accuracy of data input ensuring your turnaround times give you a competitive edge. Make light work of asset valuations, credit reports, bank statement retrieval with DTS-X.

Fully Compliant

Peace of mind knowing that the Drivethru processes comply with responsible lending obligations and the system produces all your disclosure documents in one pack. Store supporting documents and notes in one secure spot to demonstrate you have made the requisite inquiries and verified the information supplied by your customers.  


Drivethru is a highly secure site that requires username, password and pin to access. The databases used by the web application are behind a firewall and not accessible via the internet, ensuring your data is secure. Backups are taken every 10 minutes, to ensure you'll always have access to your data when you need it.