AFS secures $10M in mezzanine finance for AFS AUTO-1 Trust. This enables AFS to pursue its growth plans with confidence.

AFS increases the efficiency of its current senior debt funding arrangements with Westpac by introducing a mezzanine investor with whom it can partner on its next phase of growth.

The mezzanine provider is a strong counter party that specialises in investing in and actively trading fixed income securities and related derivatives for time frames of three years or longer.

The investment in the AFS AUTO-1 Trust by the subordinated debt note holder has been made with a notional attachment point of an internal rating of A2/A.

AFS appointed Trident Debt Capital Advisors ("Trident DCA") to provide independent debt advisory services.

Trident Debt Capital Advisors ("Trident DCA") were instrumental in advising AFS on its subordinated debt requirements and securing the right long term mezzanine finance partner. As a consequence, we have increased the efficiency of our balance sheet and can grow our receivables with confidence. We specifically wish to thank James De Flumeri, Peter Thomas and Aakash Kohli for their sound guidance and professional advice." says Brad Dale, Executive Director AFS.