About us


AFICO is a private investment company that provides capital to businesses specialising in the digital delivery of asset finance & credit products for personal and business use.

With a long heritage in asset finance, AFICO has strategically invested in a vertical integrated model with three core themes; asset finance, loan origination and software as a service.

  • Our asset finance business aims to design, develop and manage credit products for personal and business use.
  • Loan origination is primarily through traditional introducers such as licensed finance brokers, but increasingly online lead and loan origination platforms are driving increased credit activity for both retail consumers and SME's.
  • Our loan origination and underwriting platform, Drivethru, streamlines the loan origination and credit decisioning processes to provide a unique, user-friendly experience that rivals the best systems on the market.


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AFICO's investments are concentrated in asset finance, loan origination and software as a service businesses where it has a demonstrated deep knowledge.

Major investments include Automotive Financial Services Pty Limited (AFS), Aussie Car Loans Group, Drivethru Systems Pty. Limited (DTS) and .Loan Group Pty Ltd.

AFICO's share structure was consolidated in 2008, via a share buyback of various minority interests, to be controlled by the Dale Family.

In 2014, AFICO undertook a further share buy back of a remaining parcel of shares held personally by Ian Dale, the Group founder, so that all remaining shares were owned by Dale Family Holdings Pty Ltd atf the Dale Family Trust, an entity wholly owned and controlled by Brad Dale.